12u Rockets

12u Rockets


#3 Emily Arrick
#4 Kayleigh Ragone
#7 Julianne Hickey
#9 Angeline Fanuele
#11 Maya Nelsen
#12 Ava Gagliardi
#16 Isabella Covell
#19 Annie Suter
#20 Paige Ciallela
#22 Josie O’Leary
#24 Nicole Vinciguerra


Manager: Michelle Haber
Coach: Jenna Houlihan
Coach: John Gagliardi

2018 Tournament Schedule

Break Out the Bats
4/14-4/15, New Windsor, NY

Queens of the Diamonds
4/28-4/29, East Hartford, CT

Spring Fling
5/5-5/6, Prospect, CT

Rockets Blastoff
5/26-5/27, Brewster, NY

Spring Bash
6/2-6/3, Watertown, CT

Northeast Qualifier
6/22-6/23, New Windsor, NY

Thunder & Lightning
6/30-7/1, Southington, CT

Huskers Heat
7/7-7/8, Yorktown Heights, NY

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